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Suffering from a dog bite can be a traumatic experience. Dog bites and attacks often result in costly medical treatment. However, you do not have to face these burdens alone. 

Silva Injury Law has experienced dog bite lawyers in Turlock, California, prepared to hold the negligent party accountable. Contact us today for a free case review.

Dog Bite Claims in CA

California is a strict liability state. This means that California law allows victims of dog bites or attacks to recover damages from the dog’s owner for any injuries caused by the dog. This is the case even if the dog has never shown aggressive tendencies prior to the atack. In some states, a dog owner is liable only if the dog has bitten before. However, that is not the case in California. 

There are two other requirements for a dog bite claim in California.

First, the victim must have been on public property or lawfully invited onto private property. This requirement prevents a trespasser from recovering against a dog owner.

Second, the victim must not have provoked the dog into attacking him or her. The dog owner is not liable if the victim was harassing the dog when the attack occurred. Additionally, a dog defending its owner or another person is a valid defense to a dog bite claim.

Finally, a dog bite claim must be filed within two years of when the dog bite occurred. This is called the statute of limitations. The two-year limit applies even if you do not know the identity of the dog owner. The sooner you contact Silva Injury Law, the sooner we can get to work on your case and get you the damages you deserve.

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What to Do After a Dog Bite

The moments after being attacked by a dog are of the most important. It is usually an unexpected occurrence that catches everyone off guard. Nonetheless, some important pieces of evidence will be available only during these fleeting moments.

Identify the Owner

First, you must identify the dog and its owner. This can be a simple task for a dog with a collar, but in some cases, it can be difficult.

Get Medical Help and Document Your Injuries

Next, seek medical attention. Dog bites, no matter the size, can be critical if left untreated. Depending on the severity of the bite, you may have to rush to the emergency room immediately. Minor bites can be washed with soap and water to remove any harmful bacteria. Take photographs of the injuries caused by the dog as soon as possible following the attack to document the wounds.

Report the Accident 

After treating the dog bite, it is time to report the attack. Report the dog bite to your local health department, animal control, and police department. 

The health department will determine if you need additional treatment for your injuries from the dog attack. Under California law, animals who have bitten someone must be quarantined. The police department will complete a report and retrieve information from the dog’s owner. 

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Promoting Healing Through Compassionate Advocacy

We believe that our duty goes beyond achieving large monetary awards for our clients. We strive first to be decent human beings who seek not to stir up fights, but to solve problems.

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Common Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

Injuries resulting from dog bites can range from minor scrapes and bruises to significant cuts and gaping wounds. There are some injuries that are internal as well. Some of the most common injuries seen in dog bite cases include: Facial injuries, Vision loss, Abrasions, Lacerations, Fractures, Broken bones, and Emotional trauma. In addition to these potential injuries, dog bites pose a heightened risk of infection because of the bacteria in dogs’ mouths. Even if your physical injuries are minor, you may have psychological trauma from the dog attack. An experienced dog bite attorney will connect you with the resources you need to determine the extent of your injuries.

Damages Recoverable in Dog Bite Cases in CA

Dog bite victims are entitled to recover compensation from the dog owner. Typically, the dog owner’s insurance company will pay this compensation. Compensatory damages you may be able to recover include: Medical expenses, Lost wages, Loss of earning capacity, Pain and suffering, Loss of the use of a limb, and Disfigurement. While no settlement will erase the pain caused by the dog attack, recovering damages for your suffering can ease other concerns. In extreme cases, punitive damages are available for dog bite claims. Punitive damages are designed to punish the dog owner. This applies only in situations of malice or extreme neglect. The dog owner’s insurance company may try to offer you a settlement immediately after the attack. Do not accept this offer. Speak to one of our experienced Turlock dog bite attorneys to fight for your interests.

At Silva Injury Law we strive to promote healing through compassionate advocacy.

Why Do I Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Dog bite claims are complicated. The complexities are difficult to understand. Having an experienced dog bite attorney in your corner can help ease the stress of the process. Our Turlock dog bite lawyers at Silva Injury Law will work on your behalf to help secure the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys will assist in gathering the evidence for your claim, including any official reports, witness statements, and photographs. We will properly investigate your claim so you can focus on healing from your injuries. We will also negotiate with the dog owner’s insurance company on your behalf. Insurance companies are most interested in settling cases for the least amount of money possible. Insurance companies accomplish this by offering settlement agreements immediately after the incident occurs, before the victim has contacted an attorney. However, the impacts of a dog attack can be long-lasting and not fully appreciated until some time has passed. Our dog bite attorneys in Turlock can ensure that you receive compensation not only for your temporary injuries, but also for any future issues that may arise because of the dog attack.

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Silva Injury Law fights for victims of dog bites in the Turlock area to get them the compensation they deserve. Michael Joe Silva transitioned from a prosecutor to a personal injury attorney to secure his clients a favorable resolution. We offer free consultations to determine if you have a valid dog bite claim. You only have to pay if we secure a settlement for you. Reach out to Silva Injury Law’s dog bite lawyers in Turlock to see how we can help you recover.