How Martin Rose Made a Full Recovery – and Earned a $110,000.00 Settlement – with Help from Silva Injury Law

How Helen G. Earned a $600K Trip & Fall Settlement with Help from Silva Injury Law

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The days and weeks following an accident can be overwhelming and stressful. Not only are you dealing with pain from an injury, but you might be thinking about how you’re going to pay your medical bills or cover your expenses if you cannot work. Luckily, the Merced personal injury lawyers at Silva Injury Law can make your life easier.

If you were injured in an accident, we are ready to talk to you about your next steps. From insurance claims in automobile accidents to personal injury lawsuits, we help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

What Makes Us Different?

There are plenty of personal injury attorneys in California, but Silva Injury Law is focused on the individual needs of each client. At a larger firm, your case might get lost in the daily shuffle of dozens upon dozens of client issues. You may have a hard time getting in touch with someone to ask questions or receive updates about your case.

The personal injury lawyers at Silva Injury Law will never make you feel like your claim is not important. We make every client a priority and provide personalized representation that puts your needs first.

At Silva Injury Law, we believe that being a good person is just as important as being a good lawyer. We strive to build positive working relationships. This includes not just our clients but our adversaries in each case as well.

Contrary to what some attorneys believe, it is not necessary to use aggression to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. In fact, we feel that we are able to obtain satisfactory results in part because we treat everyone with respect.

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How Can We Help You?

The Merced personal injury attorneys at Silva Injury Law handle a variety of different types of cases. Even if you do not see your specific injury type listed below, give us a call. We have a wide range of experience and want to help you recover.

Auto Accidents

Each year there are thousands of auto vehicle accidents in the state of California. Even the most careful drivers sometimes get into auto accidents. There are many drivers on the road, and unfortunately, even if you drive safely, there is no guarantee that everybody else will do the same.

People engage in risky behaviors while driving, such as texting, adjusting music or temperature controls, and eating and drinking. These behaviors all fit under the umbrella of distracted driving. In 2018, almost 3,000 people died in distracted driving accidents.

If the other driver involved in your accident was distracted while driving, the Merced personal injury lawyers at our firm can help you recover.

Distracted driving is just one common cause of auto vehicle accidents in the United States. Other forms of negligence, such as failure to obey posted speed limits or use turn signals, can also result in an accident. Even if you are not sure whether the other driver can be held liable for your injuries, it is a good idea to talk to an attorney.

Experienced personal injury attorneys in Merced will know the law in California about auto vehicle accidents. A lawyer can discuss the strength of your case and tell you what you can expect from a settlement.

Dog Attack

California dog attack law holds dog owners to a standard of strict liability. This means that the dog owner can be liable for the injuries of someone their dog has bitten even if their dog has never been aggressive in the past.

To establish the owner’s liability, you do not need to prove that the owner failed to take reasonable care to prevent the bite. As long as the bite occurred while you were on public property or while you were legally on private property, you may have a dog bite claim.

Dog attack cases can be difficult because sometimes the dog owner is the bite victim’s neighbor or acquaintance. At Silva Injury Law, our priority is working toward a solution.

We understand that not every legal proceeding needs to be a hostile situation. Our personal injury attorneys will always keep your best interests and your goals in mind while handling your case.

Trip And Fall

If you were injured after a trip and fall, you may be able to recover against the owner of the premises where the accident occurred. If the building owner failed to properly maintain their property and allowed safety hazards to persist, they may be liable for your injuries. Owners of both private and public property can be subject to property liability.

Sexual Assault

Michael Joe Silva

Merced Personal Injury Attorney, Michael Silva

Finding the right Merced sexual abuse and harassment attorney for your case is no easy task.

There are many attorneys in the greater Merced, CA, area, and narrowing down the options can feel stressful and overwhelming. So, how do you go about selecting the right attorney for you?

Of course, it is important to have a Merced sexual abuse lawyer or sexual assault lawyer who regularly handles these types of cases. But more than that, you also deserve an attorney who is compassionate, understanding, and who will have your best interests at heart.


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Promoting Healing Through Compassionate Advocacy

We believe that our duty goes beyond achieving large monetary awards for our clients. We strive first to be decent human beings who seek not to stir up fights, but to solve problems.

As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be enough business.

- Abraham Lincoln

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, calling an attorney might not be the first thing on your mind. Your first instinct is probably to make sure that you and everyone else involved is safe. In the days that follow, however, you may find yourself wondering if it is worth contacting a lawyer. If you are considering filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit, it is a good idea to call an attorney. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the tactics insurance adjusters might use to try to reduce your settlement amount. In addition, it is very difficult to negotiate a settlement with a third party if you do not know the state law pertaining to the issues in your case. A responsible party to a car accident may present various defenses to your claim in an effort to avoid liability. An attorney will know how strong these defenses are and how much leverage you have. If you do not hire an attorney and the other party does, you may be at a significant disadvantage. Even if you are not sure whether you have a claim, it cannot hurt to request a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

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