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Client Success Story

How Jammie Found an Empathetic Advocate and Achieved Justice After a Restaurant Slip-and-Fall, with Silva Injury Law

Learn how Silva Injury Law client Jammie Newton overcame a torn meniscus from a slip and fall incident in a restaurant and secured the compensation she deserved, despite the defendant's disputes over the cause of her injury.

Note: The person pictured in the video below is an actor. The person speaking in the audio – both in the video clip and in the audio clips throughout this page – is Silva Injury Law client Jammie Newton.


Slip and fall at a chain restaurant in central California.
Torn meniscus requiring extensive physical therapy and two surgeries
Defendant claimed no liquid on the floor and pre-existing knee condition
We used third-party witnesses to confirm the presence of liquid and leveraged CACI 3927 and 3928 to argue that the incident caused Jammie’s symptoms, making the defendant responsible.


Jammie Newton’s life was upended by a slip and fall at a chain restaurant, resulting in a torn meniscus. The incident required extensive physical therapy and two surgeries, all while facing mounting medical bills and uncooperative insurance companies.

I fell in water and at a restaurant...I tore my meniscus and ACL

Well, my accident was I fell in water and at a restaurant, a waitress had poured water out on the floor and I didn't see the water when I was walking through. I fell, tore my meniscus and ACL. I did extensive physical therapy injections for several, several months, and it was just getting worse.

– Jammie Newton, Silva Injury Law Client

The restaurant’s employees denied the presence of any liquid on the floor, and the defendant argued that Jammie’s knee condition was pre-existing and degenerative. Silva Injury Law countered these claims by presenting third-party witnesses who confirmed the presence of liquid and using legal strategies (CACI 3927 and 3928) to establish that the fall aggravated Jammie’s condition, making the defendant liable.

Jammie chose Silva Injury Law based on their stellar reviews and reputation. Her initial meeting with Michael provided reassurance that her case would be handled with professionalism and empathy. The team’s thorough explanations and no-cost upfront policy made her feel confident and supported.

I was paying for everything out of pocket and it was becoming too much...

The insurance company was corresponding with me and it just got to the point, okay, now you need surgery. So at that point I'm like, okay, I need to probably do some research and hire an attorney if I have to have surgery and everything, because I was paying for everything out of pocket and it was becoming too much of what I would be able to take care of for my knee, for my injury. So that's when I did my research and found Silva to be five stars, reputable, all positive reviews, and that's how I found them actually.

– Jammie Newton, Silva Injury Law Client

They gave me the confidence that I would be able to do this.

They explained everything to me. They were professional, they were empathetic, they were understanding, they were just all around. I felt comfortable. I felt it's going to be okay. They gave me the confidence that I would be able to do this. I would be able to get through this. And same with my daughter. She suffers horribly from anxiety. So for them to take over her case as well, it just brought peace. I felt very comfortable when I met with Michael, and we both decided at that time to hire the [them].

– Jammie Newton, Silva Injury Law Client

Throughout her case, Jammie was impressed by the consistent communication and patience shown by the Silva Injury Law team. Despite her medical issues and personal worries, she always felt like a priority. The team regularly checked on her progress, providing unwavering support and ensuring she felt taken care of.

I never felt like I wasn't a priority...

I didn't have to call and check on this or call and check on that. They would communicate with me. And I found that to be very, very, just very professional. So they were just very, very patient with me and very supportive all the way through it. There was not one single thing that I wasn't going through, whether it be something personal at home or my medical or the worry of not being back a hundred percent physically. And they took care of everything for me. Tanner took care of everything.

– Jammie Newton, Silva Injury Law Client

The legal battle concluded with a favorable settlement for Jammie. Silva Injury Law successfully proved that the fall caused her injuries, leading to a resolution that allowed Jammie to focus on her recovery. The outcome exceeded her expectations, bringing relief and satisfaction.

They went above and beyond being supportive and empathetic and patient with me.

And I literally had no worries throughout. And my other cases I had that I was in a car wreck. There was myself, my husband, and my son, and it was just the other law firm didn't was years, over three years that it drug out. So to come to this law firm and to be taken care of like we were and for my daughter to be taken care of, and now my niece was hit by a car, they're taking care of her and I told her, this is who you have to see. And she's very, very happy with them as well and very comfortable with them.

– Jammie Newton, Silva Injury Law Client

Case Timeline

July 2, 2021 Jammie slips and falls on spilled water at a restaurant. She tears her meniscus and ACL, ultimately requiring injections, physical therapy, and surgery.
January 27, 2023 As her medical bills pile up, Jammie reaches out to Silva Injury Law for advice about her case. She meets with the firm, and agrees to sign on as a client.
May 12, 2023 Due to no response or ownership for the wrong by the defendant, Silva Injury Law files a lawsuit to recover damages.
March 7, 2024 After a year-long legal battle and failure of the defendant to to own up to the wrong, the case was resolved just before trial, with both sides agreeing to a settlement.

Jammie’s story highlights Silva Injury Law’s commitment to their clients. Their expertise and empathy ensured Jammie received the compensation she deserved while providing the support needed during a challenging time. Silva Injury Law not only secured a fair settlement but also offered peace of mind and confidence throughout the process.

I'm relieved and I'm happy with the outcome of my case.

I'm still in recovery and physical therapy. I had total knee replacements. I had two surgeries within 10 months. So you can imagine how much I struggled and how worried I was and how sickly I was and not being up to par and being as healthy physically as I was and strong. So I'm glad that my case is over. I'm relieved and I'm happy with my outcome of my case.

– Jammie Newton, Silva Injury Law Client

Jammie’s positive experience led her to recommend Silva Injury Law to others, including her niece, who also became a client. She emphasizes the firm’s dedication, compassion, and ability to make clients feel like family.

I would highly recommend them.

I have highly recommended them. Anybody that knows my case, anybody that knows what I've went through the last couple years with my injury and going through this firm and me sharing along the way...I would highly recommend them. And I did for my niece, that was just hit. She's a new client for them and I sent her to them because I knew they would take care of her. I knew they would take care of her with her anxiety or her stress or her worries. I knew that she wouldn't have to worry. I knew that she would be taken care of.

– Jammie Newton, Silva Injury Law Client

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