What You Need To Know About Hit and Run Accidents in California

What You Need To Know About Hit and Run Accidents in California

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 24 October, 2020

More than six million people a year are involved in car accidents, with half of those accidents causing injuries. Hit and run accidents are becoming more and more common, and usually happen because a driver is under the influence, doesn’t have a license, or is uninsured. When cars flee the scene of the accident, it’s […]

When To Hire A Broken Bone Attorney

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 17 October, 2020

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, your full recovery depends very much on access to state of the art medical treatment, therapists, and facilities. Getting the best care can be extremely expensive, especially if you need long term rehabilitation or multiple surgeries. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced California broken bone […]

Why Is It Important To Receive A MRI After An Injury?

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 10 October, 2020

When you’re injured in an accident, you’re entitled to compensation from the parties that caused you harm. To get the most money possible, you need to prove how severe your injuries are with credible evidence. Some serious injuries like broken bones and dislocations can be diagnosed with x-rays, but many other types of injuries can […]

When To Call A Burn Injury Lawyer

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 03 October, 2020

Severe burn injuries can be devastating to the victim and their entire family. Some burn injuries are catastrophic, requiring multiple surgeries and causing long term or permanent disability and disfigurement. Getting state of the art treatment is expensive, but will help victims achieve the best results possible. No-fault insurance is usually insufficient and health insurance […]

What You Need To Know About California Property Damage Claims

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 26 September, 2020

Car accidents can cause substantial amounts of property damage, so it’s important to know what to do to be fully reimbursed for your losses. Property damage claims are much less complicated and are quicker to resolve than personal injury claims, but must still be filed properly and backed up with the proper type of evidence. […]

What is Dental Malpractice?

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 19 September, 2020

If you are suffering due to improper care by a dentist, dental assistant, periodontist, dental hygienist, or other dental care professional, you may be a victim of dental malpractice. Dental procedures have risks, so the outcome of some types of dental work can be uncertain. Sometimes there is a small infection or other problem that […]

When Can you Sue Your Employer for a Work Related Injury?

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 12 September, 2020

The basic rule in California is that collecting workers compensation is the exclusive remedy for workers injured on the job. That said, there are plenty of exceptions that will allow workers to sue their employers. Too many workers lose out on the large amount of compensation they can collect for pain, suffering and mental anguish […]

Can People Be Crashproof?

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 05 September, 2020

The Victoria, Australia Transport Accident Commission (TAC), in conjunction with Patricia Piccinini, a local Melbourne artist, has constructed a prototype of a human that could better withstand crash crashes. They call their interactive life-size sculpture, Graham, and exhibit him to show people how vulnerable they are to injuries from car crashes. Graham can withstand collisions […]

Why Do I Have To Pay Back My Health Insurance Company If I Win Or Settle My Personal Injury Case?

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 29 August, 2020

Personal injury cases take time to resolve, so health insurance is often needed to obtain immediate medical treatment for injuries caused by somebody else’s negligence. In such cases, California law allows health insurance companies to collect back what they’ve paid out from the responsible party (subrogation) and requires claimants to cooperate with these efforts. When […]

How Attorney Contingency Fee Agreements and Cost Advancements Work

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 22 August, 2020

California personal injury attorneys understand that accident victims usually don’t have funds available to pay attorney’s fees. That’s why most personal injury attorneys in California work on a contingency fee and advance costs for the cases they retain. Hiring an attorney to represent you after an accident will help you obtain the highest amount of […]

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