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California Target Slip & Fall Lawyers

Target is a huge nationwide retailer with nearly 1,950 stores. California leads the nation with over 300 locations alone. Given the number of stores throughout the state, it’s not surprising that slip and fall accidents at Target are common. These accidents can lead to severe injuries for both customers and employees. If you or someone you love sustained an injury due to a Target slip and fall in California, please get in touch with the legal team at Silva Injury Law.

Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents At A California Target

Slips and falls at Target occur for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes we see include the following.

Wet or Slippery Floors

One of the primary causes of slip and fall accidents at Target is wet or slippery floors. Floors can be slippery because of spills, leaks, or even cleaning by store employees. For example, if another customer accidentally spills a liquid on the floor, and the store fails to clean it up properly, it can create a hazard for anyone who walks on it. Similarly, if a leak in the ceiling or plumbing goes unnoticed, it can create a slippery patch on the floor that can be difficult to see.

In these situations, it’s crucial for employees to promptly clean up spills and call maintenance to fix leaks to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Uneven Surfaces

Another common cause of slip and fall accidents at Target is uneven surfaces. That can include uneven floor tiles, raised or lowered thresholds, and more. These hazards can be challenging to spot, especially if there is clutter or they’re located in a part of the store that doesn’t get much foot traffic. It’s essential for employees to regularly inspect the store for uneven surfaces and take steps to report them as needed to prevent accidents.

Cluttered Aisles

Cluttered aisles can also contribute to slip and fall accidents at Target stores in California. When items are left in the aisles or on the floor, it can create a tripping hazard for customers. To prevent accidents, employees must keep the aisles clear of clutter and adequately store items on shelves or in designated areas.

Steps To Take Following A Slip And Fall At Target

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a slip and fall at Target, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Here’s a look at some of the most critical steps to take following a Target slip and fall.

Report Your Accident to a Store Manager or Employee

First, report the accident to a store manager or employee as soon as possible. Be sure to get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident and take photos or videos of the hazard that caused the accident, if possible. Be cautious about what you say at the scene, and don’t allude to anything that could make it sound like you share any fault.

Take Scene Photos

If you can do so without further injuring yourself, get photos of the scene. You should photograph the hazard and your injuries if possible. These photos can be vital pieces of evidence during the investigation.

Seek Medical Attention

Next, seek medical attention for your injuries, even if you don’t think you’re seriously injured. Documenting your injuries and getting a professional evaluation to help with any potential insurance claims or legal action is important. Don’t delay treatment, because the insurance adjuster for Target will use that against you. They will allege your injuries weren’t severe or you sustained injuries elsewhere.

Contact a Target Slip and Fall Lawyer

Finally, consider contacting an experienced California slip and fall lawyer to discuss your options. The legal team at Silva Injury Law can help you understand your rights and advise you on the best option to seek compensation for your injuries. Slip and fall claims are often complicated to resolve. You need a skilled attorney with experience successfully litigating Target slip and fall claims.

Common Injuries In A Target Slip And Fall

Slip and fall accidents at Target can result in various injuries, ranging from minor to severe. Some common injuries that victims may sustain include:

  • Sprains and strains. These injuries occur when ligaments or muscles are stretched or torn. They can be caused by falling or tripping and may result in pain, swelling, and difficulty moving the affected area.
  • Fractures or broken bones. A slip and fall accident at Target may result in broken bones, which can be painful and require medical treatment.
  • Head injuries. If you fall and hit your head, you might suffer a concussion or worse. These injuries can range in severity and may require hospitalization or long-term care.
  • Back injuries. A fall can cause damage to the spine or muscles in the back, leading to pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving. In severe cases, you might have spinal cord damage and associated paralysis.

It’s imperative to seek medical attention immediately after a slip and fall accident at Target. Your doctor needs to diagnose and treat any injuries you may have sustained.

Why Hire A Target Slip And Fall Attorney

Target’s claims adjuster will try to maximize your percentage of fault and do whatever possible to save Target money. Because California is a pure comparative negligence state, the more liability they place on you, the less Target has to pay out. That’s one of the many reasons why you need a skilled lawyer representing you. Otherwise, you risk losing out on the compensation you deserve.

It’s best if you don’t speak with Target’s insurance adjuster. Aside from building a solid case and conducting an independent investigation, your attorney will handle all communication with the defendant’s claims representative and legal team. That includes all potential settlement negotiations. The Target claims department will likely request a recorded statement from you. Please do not agree to give one without legal representation, as they will use what you say against you.

Your lawyer will also help ensure you don’t miss any pertinent legal deadlines, such as the statute of limitations. You typically have two years following a slip and fall at Target. The court will likely dismiss your case if you miss that deadline.

To learn more about how we can assist you, speak with a California Target slip and fall lawyer immediately. When you hire Silva Injury Law to represent you, you benefit from attorney Michael Joe Silva’s previous experience as a criminal prosecutor. He’s not afraid to stand up to large companies like Target and has a proven record of success. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation and learn how we can assist you.

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