When a mistake causes a person to lose their life, the family can bring a claim for wrongful death against the responsible parties. If the person was killed instantly, the claim is limited to wrongful death, but if they suffered before they died, there can also be a claim for pain and suffering. These cases are complicated because they involve not just negligence law, but also estate law. The case can’t be officially commenced until a representative of the deceased person’s estate is officially appointed. If you have suffered from the loss of a family member and you believe that it may have been caused by the negligence or recklessness of another, you should contact an attorney that has experience handling wrongful death cases.

Types Of Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death can be caused by any type of negligence or recklessness. Common types of accidents that can cause death are:

  • Traffic Accidents – When the operator of a vehicle is reckless or makes a mistake that causes a collision;
  • Medical Malpractice – When a medical practitioner, such as a doctor, nurse, dentist or physical therapist fails to use the proper standard of care;
  • Slip and Fall – When a person that owns or controls the operation of a property fails to take reasonable action to keep it safe;
  • Nursing Home Neglect – When a facility fails to employ reasonable standards to keep residents safe;
  • Product Liability – When manufacturers of a product do not take reasonable precautions to ensure that their product is safe for its intended use.

How To Find The Best Wrongful Death Attorney

When you’ve lost a loved one, it’s important to find the best wrongful death attorney to handle your case. This will involve finding an attorney that’s an expert in the type of negligence that occurred, and also in handling wrongful death cases.

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