Learning that your loved one might be a victim of nursing home neglect can be challenging. We understand that you may wonder what the signs are and what you can do.

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Nursing Home Neglect

You may be asking yourself, What are the signs of nursing home neglect? Nursing home neglect is slightly different from nursing home abuse. It involves a caretaker not meeting a nursing home resident’s basic needs.

Nursing home neglect warning signs depend on the type of neglect involved. Neglect is defined under the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act in California. It can be considered a failure by someone tasked with caring for an elder or dependent adult to care for them at the level another reasonable person would.

Lack of Hydration

A lack of water and dehydration is one of the significant types of neglect in a nursing home. Signals of this type of neglect may include:

  • Intense thirst,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Dry skin,
  • Low blood pressure,
  • A lack of sweating,
  • Hallucinations, or
  • Irritability.

If you see any of these indicators of dehydration, consider calling an attorney who can assist you. Our lawyers at Silva Injury Law can help you file your claim.

Lack of Food or Assistance Feeding

Some signposts of this kind of neglect might be:

  • Unexplained rapid weight loss,
  • Lethargic behavior,
  • Sudden dental problems,
  • Weak muscles, or
  • Eye redness.

Family members should take notice and carefully watch for any possible signs of malnutrition.

Lack of Clothing or Assistance Dressing

Not providing clothing to a nursing home resident such as an elder or dependent adult is equivalent to neglect under California law. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, signals that a caretaker has neglected a resident in this way include:

  • A fecal or urine smell from the patient, or
  • Not enough available to wear.

You ought to check in with your loved ones to ensure they have enough clothes to wear. If you find that this is not the case, our experienced attorneys can assist you.

While dirty or stained clothing may signify this kind of neglect, it can also point to sexual abuse. You ought to discuss any signs of abuse or neglect with your attorney.

Neglect of Hygienic Needs

Nursing home residents might require help with toileting, bathing, or other hygiene needs. It can constitute neglect if caregivers do not assist the residents who need it.

Some signs of neglect of hygienic needs are:

  • Unclean clothes,
  • Unsanitary living conditions, and
  • Dirt, fleas, or lice on the person.

There may be other signals that point to neglect in the nursing home. For example, a foul odor could suggest that a nursing home staff member is not assisting them in the bathroom.

Failure to Provide Physical Health Care

There could be physical indicators of neglect, which are different in some ways than signs of abuse. These might include infections or illnesses caused by a lack of reasonable care for the resident’s physical health. One sign of this might be if a caretaker is not providing them with necessary prescription medications or if they are giving a resident too much.

Failure to Provide Mental Health Care

Not allowing for mental health care is also considered neglect under California law. Like physical health care, if caregivers do not provide an elder or dependent adult with medication, this may constitute neglect.

Contact a lawyer for information if you believe a nursing home staff member has neglected your loved one. Silva Injury Law can assist you if you have further questions about how to spot nursing home neglect.

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