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California Slip & Fall Lawyers

At Silva Injury Law, we understand how painful it can be to go through a slip-and-fall accident. You may be trying to recover from severe injuries while also wondering how you can recover the costs involved.

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Common Slip-And-Fall Injuries

There are multiple slip-and-fall injuries that take place frequently. If you are suffering as a result of a slip-and-fall accident, it is to your benefit to contact an attorney. Our California slip & fall lawyers can help advocate for you.

Neck Injuries

It is, unfortunately, possible that severe neck injuries can occur in a slip-and-fall accident. Neck damage can include a strain, sprain, or a broken bone in the neck. Neck pain can also be a sign of an injury to the spinal cord.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord can take place in a slip-and-fall accident. Most often, this type of injury is due to a fall from a ladder, stairs, or steps. Spinal cord damage can seriously affect your ability to do daily activities and your ability to work.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Slip-and-fall accidents can also result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This can take place due to the severe impact caused by falling onto the floor. Many patients with this condition will require surgery. It is possible for various disabilities to result from this kind of injury, including issues with sensory perception.

Facial Injuries

A slip-and-fall can cause temporary or permanent facial trauma. Facial injuries can include bruises, misaligned teeth, vision changes, and bone fractures. There could be damage to the upper jaw, lower jaw, eye sockets, nose, or other areas of the face.

Chronic Pain

Ongoing, long-lasting pain can result from any slip-and-fall injury. This chronic pain can last for years or a lifetime. One way this pain can manifest is in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which can be acute or chronic. Consider contacting an attorney for assistance in recovering compensation for CRPS.

Ankle and Knee Injuries

Injuries to your ankles or knees can also occur because of a slip and fall. This can involve a sprain, tear, fracture, or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

It is crucial that you reach out to one of our California slip & fall attorneys after your accident. We can help you recover the compensation you need.

Typical Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Multiple hazards can cause a slip-and-fall and resulting injuries.

Electrical Cords

An electrical cord not correctly secured to a walkway or aisle can cause a person to fall and suffer injuries. Workers should not place cables across walkways. And they should stabilize and tape down the wires if they have to be in the aisles or floors.

Wet Floors

wet floor in a grocery store or other business is also a common cause of slip-and-fall accidents. This could involve puddles or spilled food or beverage items that staff did not correctly clean up.

Inadequate Lighting

If there is not enough lighting, this can result in severe slip-and-fall injuries as well. For example, if a stairway has little lighting, someone might fall and break a bone or sustain another severe injury.

Ice and Snow

Some slip-and-falls can result from ice and snow on surfaces that have not been adequately salted or shoveled. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover compensation if you slipped and fell on ice or snow.

Defective or Broken Ladders

Sometimes, a broken ladder or one with product defects can also cause a slip-and-fall accident. In this case, it may be possible that you can hold the manufacturers or others liable.

Determining Liability For Slip-And-Fall Injuries

In the case of a slip-and-fall injury, there is often negligence on the part of the other party. To prove liability, you will typically have to prove negligence.

The liability of the parties depends on the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant. Each defendant will have a unique duty of care to you as the plaintiff. There are several different relationships that may be possible, and a slip-and-fall can occur just about anywhere.

A Slip-and-Fall on a Public Road

If you slip and fall on a government road, you will have to file suit against the municipality. This would likely be a claim for negligence. If you suffer an injury in front of a residence, however, you would likely file against the property owner.

A Slip-And-Fall at a Business

If you slipped and fell at a place of business such as a restaurant or grocery store, the business owner might be liable under a theory of premises liability.

A Slip-And-Fall at Someone’s Home

If you slip and injure yourself as a guest at a friend’s home, the homeowner could be held responsible. Reach out to our attorneys for further information on how to file your claim.

Slip-and-Fall Due to Product Defect

If a defective product caused your fall, you may have a claim under a theory of product liability. You may be able to sue the manufacturer, seller, or others responsible for the product’s design, manufacture, or distribution.

The California Statute Of Limitations 

It is essential that you understand the statute of limitations in California in the case of a slip and fall. The statute of limitations is the deadline that you have to file a particular claim. According to California law, you will generally have two years to file any personal injury claim, including a slip-and-fall claim. There are some exceptions, however, that may apply depending on your circumstances.

Consider contacting our attorneys at Silva Injury Law if you have questions about the time limitation for your claim. We can help you ensure that you file a slip-and-fall claim in a timely manner.

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