A serious auto vehicle accident can be a very traumatizing experience. Many accident victims may have no idea what to do afterward.

After an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may understandably assume that the other driver’s insurance company will pay for all your damages. However, insurance companies have teams of highly skilled lawyers whose job is to minimize the amount of money the insurance company needs to payout.

The days, weeks, and months following an auto vehicle accident are important time. While your primary focus should always be on your physical and mental recovery, it is also important to consider the possibility of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party who caused the accident. If you’re wondering what to do after a car accident when it’s not your fault, read on to learn how to protect your interests.

Report the Collision

Regardless of how serious the accident was, it is imperative you call 911 or the local police department to report the collision. Reporting a car accident accomplishes two important things. First, the 911 operator will send a team of emergency responders to the scene to determine if you or anyone else needs emergency medical care. Second, when you report an accident, it will also trigger an official police investigation. An accident report also serves as proof that the accident occurred, making it harder for the negligent driver or their insurance company to claim your injuries were caused by something else.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

While some accident victims realize they’ve been injured immediately, that is not always the case. Some very serious accident-related injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, present no immediate symptoms. By going to the emergency room, urgent care facility, or your primary care doctor, you can be sure you receive the appropriate treatment. Visiting the doctor right after an accident can also help you prove that your injuries were serious.

Survey the Scene for Potential Evidence

If your condition allows it, take a few moments and perform your own mini-investigation before leaving the scene. For example, you can get the names and contact information of any witnesses and take pictures of the scene. When taking photos, focus on any damage to the vehicles involved in the collisions and any road signs or traffic markings. You can also document any visible injuries you sustained by taking a few pictures.

Be Careful When Talking to Insurance Companies

After a not-my-fault car accident, you need to report the collision to your insurance company. A representative from your insurance company will reach out to you to discuss the accident and your injuries. The at-fault driver’s insurance company may also contact you. When speaking to any insurance company representative, remember that they do not have your best interest at heart. Anything you tell an insurance company representative can be used to deny your claim or reduce its value. Of course, it is important to tell the truth and convey the basic facts about the accident. However, avoid making any admissions or qualified statements that an insurance company could use against you.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a California Auto Vehicle Accident Lawyer

When you are ready, your next step should be to contact an experienced auto vehicle accident lawyer. While there is no legal requirement that you have a lawyer, doing so will make the recovery process much easier for you. An attorney will know what evidence is critical to your case and can present it in a compelling way. Your attorney will also communicate with the insurance company on your behalf in hopes of securing a favorable settlement offer. If the insurance company is unwilling to extend a fair offer, a skilled auto vehicle accident attorney will not hesitate to take your case to a jury in pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

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