Even the most careful drivers can find themselves the victims of a car crash, and if that happens, you want to have a record of what transpired. A police or accident report can provide just that.

However, they are not automatically generated and not automatically sent to you.

You must request a police response to the accident scene to create the accident report and then, typically 10-15 days later, request a copy of that report. This blog will discuss what you need to know about getting Salinas police accident reports and how we can help.

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Why Is Getting an Accident Report Important?

Obtaining an accident report after any crash is essential, even if the collision seems minor. Requesting a law enforcement response is always a good idea.

An accident report will contain vital information that you may need later, including: 

  • The other driver’s name and insurance information,
  • The location of the accident,
  • What happened in the accident, and
  • Names and contact info for any potential witnesses.

An accident report summarizes events and can be incredibly helpful later, especially if injuries or damage are not immediately apparent at the accident scene. It bridges the gap between the collision, damages, and injuries to all parties. 

A police report provides evidence of liability as observed by the officer at the scene. Most insurance companies require that you report any accident to them, even if you did not make a police report. But it is best to get a copy of the police report for your insurance company and for your records.

If you are contemplating filing a civil lawsuit for damages, having a copy of the police report is essential. Typically, the officer will not give you a copy of the accident report on the scene. Instead, they provide an accident report number that you can later use to request and obtain a copy.

How to Obtain a Salinas Police Accident Report

There are generally three ways you can request a copy of your Salinas accident report: through the mail, in-person, or online.

1. Online

If you were involved in a motor vehicle wreck and a Salinas police officer responded to the scene, that is who will create the report and where you must request it.

The quickest and easiest way to obtain a copy of your accident report is to request it through the Salinas Police Department online portal, which will direct you to buycrash.com. Here, you will enter the accident report number and some personal information. 

2. At the Police Station

Although most people use the online portals to request accident reports, you can go into the Salinas Police Department and request a copy in person.

Depending on how soon after the crash you go to the police station, the report may still need to be prepared. We recommend calling ahead to see if the report is ready for pickup. You can contact the Salinas Police Records Department at (831) 758-7090 at option 2.

3. Through the Mail

Similarly to submitting a request online, you can also mail a written request to the Salinas Police Department at the Police Service of Salinas, 312 E Alisal St, Salinas, CA 93901

California Highway Patrol Accident Reports in Monterey County

If your accident happened in Salinas but on a state highway such as U.S. 101, it is likely that a California Highway Patrol Officer responded.

If that is the case, you must submit your report request to California Highway Patrol by completing this form and submitting it via mail or in person to a local CHP office.

This form may be printed and completed when requesting a CHP collision report, either in person at a CHP area office or by mail.

Let Us Handle the Request

You should tell your attorney if you still need to request a copy of the report. Requesting a copy of your Salinas crash report is one of the many things a lawyer can help you with, as it is a routine part of a car accident case. 

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What Is the Cost Associated with Obtaining Salinas Police Accident Reports?

Typically, the cost of requesting and obtaining a Salinas police report is nominal and will range from a few dollars to approximately $20, depending on the request method. 

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