Ridesharing services have rendered the taxicab industry all but obsolete in the last decade. Ridesharing services are typically less expensive than cabs, more flexible, and also more accessible. Instead of calling a taxi cab dispatch center where they may put you on hold for a while, all you have to do is open the app on your smartphone. While other ridesharing companies exist, Uber is far and away the most recognizable. The mere mention of the word Uber today evokes images not of yellow taxis, but consumer vehicles marked by the familiar Uber symbol ready to give you a lift.

While Uber rides are convenient, they are still fundamentally cars on the road. As a result, they are just as likely as any other car on the road to get into an accident. One question and concern that people often raise about Uber has to do with these accidents. Since Ubers are owned by the driver instead of the company itself, who is liable for the damages? What happens if your Uber gets into an accident? The truth of the matter is, it depends on the circumstances. But just like car accidents in general, who is liable in a California Uber accident depends on who is at fault for the accident. Thus, if you are in an Uber accident, you seek compensation from the at-fault party.

First Things First: Speak With An Attorney

Aside from seeking medical care, collecting insurance information, and filing an accident report, you should speak with an experienced auto vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible after an Uber accident. Doing so will help ensure that you direct your legal claim in the right direction and avoid common pitfalls in the process. A car accident attorney will help you parse through the accident report to see who is at fault, help you account for all damages suffered, and answer any other pertinent questions you might have. Your attorney might even say that their services are not necessary, which will save you money. Best of all, after getting a free consultation, you will immediately have someone in mind if you do need to file a lawsuit.

What Happens If Your Uber Driver Is At Fault?

If your Uber driver is at fault for the accident, you will seek compensation through their insurer. All Uber drivers are covered by a blanket insurance policy. There are two policies that can apply, but as an Uber passenger, there is only one applicable insurance policy. The other policy applies when a driver is available for pickups or is en route to make a pickup. If they aren’t “on the clock,” only their personal insurance policy applies. If your damages exceed Uber’s policy limits, you will have to sue to recover the rest of your damages. Thus, it helps to have a lawyer review and tally up your damages before initiating any other actions.

Uber’s Insurance Policy Limits

More often than not, your damages will not exceed Uber’s policy limits. That’s because Uber’s liability insurance coverage is quite extensive. Their insurance policies cover up to $1 million in third-party damages, which includes your damages as a passenger. Thus, while it is absolutely possible for an Uber accident to exceed policy limits, it doesn’t happen every day.

What Happens If Another Party Is At Fault

If some other party is at fault for the accident (for example, another driver is at fault for hitting an Uber), they are liable for the damages. You will initially seek compensation through their liability insurance provider. However, if their insurer refuses to pay the entirety of your damages or fails to negotiate in good faith, you will need to sue to recover those damages. The same applies if your total damages exceed the at-fault party’s insurance policy limits. You can rest easy if you need to file a lawsuit in the end provided that you have already consulted with an attorney beforehand. They are just a phone call away.

Go With The Lawyers Who Have Been There Before

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