A police report can serve as crucial evidence in an auto accident claim and under many other scenarios. Fortunately, you can usually obtain a Turlock police report without a lot of difficulties. You will need to prove some involvement in the accident or incident, however. Obtaining a police report is more difficult if a minor was involved in the incident.

The Usual Procedure

You should complete a Request for Release of a Police Report to initiate the process. This form is available through the foregoing link, or at the Turlock Police Records Unit (209-668-5550 ext. 6600).

You can submit your request form online, by fax, by surface mail, or in person at the Police Records Unit. You will receive a paper copy of your report in person, by fax, or by surface mail at the address included in your request.

Involved Parties

You must include a copy of your driver’s license to prove that you are an “involved party”—a victim, a driver, a passenger, a property owner, or the registered owner of an involved vehicle. Parents of involved minors may also obtain a police report by submitting a request together with a driver license copy.

Special Case: Minors (Under 18)

Applicable law restricts the public release of a minor’s name in a police report. For this reason, access to a police report is restricted if the report contains information about a minor.

If you seek to obtain a police report regarding an accident or incident involving a minor, you must appear in person at the police department and fill out a form asking a superior court judge to issue an order to release the police report.

Either a notary public or a police department employee must witness you signing this document. The entire process takes about two weeks, and your request could be denied.

Insurance Company Requests For Accident Reports

An insurance company may request a report about your accident to determine whether to pay a claim (yours or a third party’s). An insurance company seeking a copy of a report of an accident in Turlock must obtain it from Buy Crash (www.buycrash.com), which partners with the Turlock Police Department.


The police department may redact (black out) certain sections of your copy of the police report to comply with applicable laws. In particular, the police department will redact any investigative report.


A copy of a police report is free of charge unless it exceeds 15 pages. If it does, you must pay a fee of 15 cents per additional page.

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