According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS,) there are more than 3,500 motor vehicle accidents that caused at least one death every year. A very large proportion of these fatalities involve alcohol or drug impaired drivers, and many of the victims are young. The sudden loss of a loved one from a motor vehicle accident is extremely traumatic, as grieving families are left scrambling to arrange for funerals and locate wills. It’s helpful to know that you can hire a fatal car accident lawyer in California that can handle your claim to collect money damages from the responsible parties, lifting this responsibility off your shoulders.

Fatal Car Accident Lawyers in California Support Families In Crisis
Wrongful death claims can be complicated. Short deadlines to file papers, notices to preserve evidence, and evasive tactics by insurance companies can present a minefield to grieving families. Medical bills are piling up, and the family lacks the income the deceased had contributed to the household. It’s important to know that an experienced fatal accident attorney in California can take care of every aspect of your claim, taking these burdens off your shoulders and helping your family restore financial security.

Compensation For Fatal Accidents
These are some of the types of compensation available to families of victims:

  • Funeral, Burial, and/or Cremation Expenses
  •  Medical Bills For The Deceased
  • Lost Earnings and Lost Future Financial Support
  • Loss of Health Insurance Coverage
  •  Loss of Companionship, Guidance, and Emotional Support
  • Grief, Mental Anguish, and Other Psychological Impact

Suddenly losing a parent, spouse, or child can be devastating. A caring and compassionate fatal car accident attorney in California knows how to help families through this crisis.

The Fatal Car Accident Claim Process
The first step in the process is to legally establish who will represent the estate of the deceased. This representative will have the authority to retain an attorney to handle the fatal accident case in California. The next step is to obtain the police report, surveillance videos, witness statements and other evidence that can help show who’s at fault. It’s important to thoroughly investigate all possible contributors to fault to increase the amount of money that can be collected. For example, a passenger car may only carry the $15,000 minimum liability insurance for wrongful death. Even if this car was primarily responsible for the accident, if a commercial vehicle, a pothole, faulty brakes, or defective airbags contributed to the accident, those deep pockets can increase the amount of available compensation.

Fatal Car Accident Attorney In California
If you’ve lost a loved one, it’s helpful to know that there’s somebody that can help your family get back on its feet. Fatal accident cases require more knowledge and experience than the typical personal injury attorney can provide. That’s why it’s important to hire a fatal car accident attorney in California that specializes in this area.

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