Best Modesto truck accident lawyers

Any motor vehicle accident can be catastrophic, but given the size of commercial trucks, the potential for serious injury and financial devastation in a truck accident can be quite high.

So, who do you turn to when you have suffered a substantial loss in a trucking accident? We hope you turn to your doctor (your health is the highest priority) and your family and friends (your emotional well-being is vital), but we also hope that you turn to one of the best truck accident lawyers in Modesto, California. 

Commercial trucking rules and regulations are numerous and complex, but they can also be the key to maximizing your damages in a truck accident claim.

A commercial truck accident attorney in Modesto can identify the laws and facts supporting your case and ensure you recover all the financial and legal relief you deserve from an at-fault trucker. If you don’t know who the best truck accident lawyers in Modesto, California, are, you’re in luck because this article identifies them for you.

Read on for details about Modesto truck accident attorneys and Modesto truck accident law firms you can trust to give you the best representation in your time of need. 

1. Michael Joe Silva

michael silva

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With attorney Michael Joe Silva of Silva Injury Law, the proof is in the pudding.

As one of the best Modesto truck accident attorneys, Michael Joe is a highly decorated personal injury lawyer whose dedication to top-of-the-line representation has caught the attention of the California and national legal communities.

Among Michael Joe’s accolades are being listed as one of the Top 40 Under 40 by The National Trial Lawyers, being highlighted as one of Super Lawyers’s Rising Stars, and being named one of the 2020 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Modesto by Expertise.

Michael has significant experience with litigating motor vehicle accident claims, and he resolves cases in the best manner for each client’s unique needs. Most importantly, Michael Joe combines his skill and experience with empathy and personalized attention for his clients.

Michael Joe can ensure Modesto truck accident victims are cared for legally, physically, and emotionally. 

2. Dean Petrulakis

Dean Petrulakis

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Dean Petrulakis has multiple decades of experience, and in those decades, he has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. While he hasn’t done so since 2012, Dean formerly worked as a defense attorney for insurance companies.

Why is Dean’s work for insurance companies significant for truck collision victims seeking one of the top Modesto truck accident lawyers?

Truck accident victims typically fight against insurance carriers for compensation to cover their losses, and Dean has an extensive behind-the-scenes understanding of how insurance companies fight and how to beat them at their own game.

Dean has also received multiple awards for his work, including a 2021 recognition from Elite Lawyer for his personal injury work. 

3. Anthony C. Gonsalves 

Anthony C. Gonsalves

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Anthony C. Gonsalves of AG Law is both a successful lawyer and businessman. Anthony’s background makes him one of the best truck accident lawyers in Modesto, California.

Anthony came out of law school with high honors for his performance, and he has been advancing the rights of his clients in the years since. With his business acumen and legal experience, Anthony provides the best advocacy for victims of at-fault drivers.

Justice, fairness, liberty, and empathy are the cornerstones of Anthony’s practice, and the values he holds and employs are crucial to addressing all the legal needs of accident victims. 

4. LaShon Harris

lashon harris

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LaShon Harris knows complex litigation and is among the best Modesto trucking accident lawyers.

She has been at the helm in litigating bankruptcy matters and employment matters, and now she devotes her practice to championing the rights of individuals who the irresponsible actions of others have injured.

LaShon graduated in the top 20% of her law school class and has over a decade of legal experience. Some of LaShon’s experience is as a defense attorney in civil claims, giving her special insight into how to win cases for personal injury plaintiffs. If you are seeking a top-level legal strategist who can maximize your damages, Lashon can answer that call. 

5. Kacie Aguiar

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Kacie Aguiar is a highly experienced personal injury attorney who focuses a substantial portion of her practice on auto accidents. She is a top commercial truck accident attorney in Modesto.

Kacie is an aggressive and successful advocate who fights large insurance companies for what her clients deserve, while her clients find peace of mind in having kind and skilled representation. At Bixby & Aguiar, Kacie has helped win millions for clients.

6. Steven A. Fabbro

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When you are in the market for one of the finest Modesto truck accident lawyers who can handle your claim, you might want to call Steven A. Fabbro. Mr. Fabbro has over 35 years of experience in handling personal injury cases.

Not only does Mr. Fabbro take insurance companies and neglectful drivers to task for the harm they cause, but he also helps his clients reclaim fruitful lives in the aftermath of catastrophes.

Steven A. Fabbro is also a leader and educator in the legal community and a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated attorney. 

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