What to do immediately following a slip or trip and fall accident:

  • Get Medical Attention
    • Although you may feel fine initially, you may have sustained an injury and you cannot feel anything right away due to adrenaline. It is always better to have a medical professional check you over.
  • Inspect the Area Where the Fall Occurred
    • Check your surroundings to see what you slipped or tripped over. If possible, try to take a picture of the area or have someone else take one for you.
  • Identify Witnesses
    • Write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone in the area where you fell that witnessed the fall and/or state of the area where you fell.
  • Get an Incident Report
    • If you fell in a store or business establishment, get an incident report with the manager of the establishment as soon as possible.


  • Take Photos As Soon As Possible
    • Again, take photos of the area where you fell. Also, take photos of your injuries immediately after the accident and whenever bruising or swelling begins to occur.

What to do shortly after a slip or trip and fall accident:

  • Consider retaining a personal injury attorney. It is likely that someone from the company will attempt to contact you after the accident. They may seem like they are trying to be your friend, but remember, they work for the opposing party, NOT YOU! They are going to try to get incriminating comments from you and minimize your case against them. Refer anyone who contacts you regarding the accident to your personal injury attorney.

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