Riding motorcycles is an excellent activity for the wild at heart. There isn’t much in this world that compares to cruising down an empty highway at one with your bike, with the wind howling in your ears. Not to mention the practical advantages of motorcycles: their fuel efficiency; the ease of parking; and their maneuverability. For many, there is simply nothing better than riding a motorcycle.

Still, there is one less-than-savory fact about riding a motorcycle: it’s more dangerous than driving a car. Due to their size, motorcycles are harder than other vehicles to see, so they are easier to hit accidentally. Furthermore, motorcycles do not offer the same physical protection that the frame, body, and windows of a car offer their drivers. Outside of your protective gear, there is nothing between you and your surroundings.

Hit And Runs And Motorcycle Accidents

Hit and runs, which are illegal for good reason, can happen to anyone. People think they can drive away from their mistakes, but more often than not, they are caught. Because motorcycles are small, some drivers may feel more emboldened to drive off after hitting a motorcyclist than they would after a car accident, especially if they feel that their car is undamaged. They think to themselves, Who will know? 

Motorcyclists often ask us what they should do after a hit and run. After all, they are entitled to compensation from the responsible party. The logical way to seek compensation for a hit and run is to file an insurance claim or initiate a lawsuit. But it may be difficult to identify that person.

How Do They Find the Responsible Party?

The truth is, hit and run drivers aren’t always found. In fact, in many cases, they aren’t. Many people wonder how authorities find the responsible party after a hit and run. After all, the responsible party probably thinks they can get away with it; otherwise, they wouldn’t flee the scene. One way authorities track down hit and run drivers is by speaking with witnesses at the scene of the accident. Those witnesses may have the license plate number of the responsible party thanks to their memory or dash cam. Police can also use traffic cameras to find the responsible party. Still, it doesn’t always work.

What You Can Do If Authorities Cannot Identify The Responsible Party

If the police cannot identify the responsible party, you won’t have anyone to sue, and you won’t have anyone else’s insurance policy to file your motorcycle accident claim with. Really, all you have is your own insurance provider. Depending on your coverage, your insurer may compensate you for some or all of the damages you suffer. Of course, you will have to pay your deductible, and your rates may increase, but that all depends on your particular policy.

If you have collision coverage, your insurance provider may compensate you for part or all of the damage done to your vehicle. If you have personal injury protection or PIP coverage, your insurer will compensate you, up to a limit, for damages associated with your injuries. Finally, if you have uninsured motorist coverage, your insurer may treat a hit and run as such, and compensate you both for injury damages and property damage. All of this depends entirely on your individual insurance policy. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you review your options and negotiate with your insurance company to recover fair compensation.

What You Can Do If Police Identify The Responsible Party

If the police are able to identify and track down the responsible party, you have more options. You can file a motorcycle accident claim with the responsible party’s insurer, or you can file a lawsuit against them. Whether you need to file a lawsuit will depend on a few things—notably, the extent of your damages and how negotiations go with the responsible party’s insurer.

If the total value of your damages exceeds the insurance policy limits, you will probably need to sue to recover those damages. Similarly, if the insurance company is unwilling to negotiate fairly regarding your damages, you will need to sue to recover them. If you have an attorney on your side from the start, your chances of negotiating a fair settlement without having to file a lawsuit are far greater. Without an attorney advocating for you, insurers are more likely to employ unethical tactics to avoid paying out the entirety of your motorcycle accident claim.

Silva Injury Law Can Help

If you were in a hit and run on your motorcycle, you should contact an auto and motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. Doing so will help you make the most educated and well-advised decision on how you should proceed to seek compensation. Silva Injury Law, Inc. can help you do just that. When you speak with an attorney on our team, we will work closely with you to develop the best possible legal strategy from the start. If your damages exceed the responsible party’s policy limits, you can sue right off the bat. If the authorities can’t find the responsible party, we’ll help you identify alternative sources of recovery. Similarly, we can handle all the negotiations with insurance companies and other parties so that you don’t have to. That way, you can focus on what is most important: recovering from your injuries and moving forward with your life. Don’t wait; take action now by calling SIlva Injury Law, Inc. for your free consultation.

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