If you’re claiming to be terribly injured in an accident, it wouldn’t make a very good impression on a jury to see you dancing the night away on your Instagram story. That’s why it’s so important to think before posting anything on social media while pursuing a personal injury claim. When you hire an experienced personal injury attorney, they’ll carefully review your case and advise you about how social media can undermine your case.

Avoid Posting On Social Media During a Personal Injury Case

Most California personal injury attorneys will recommend that you not post anything on social media as seemingly innocuous postings may contradict your testimony. For example, if you’re claiming that you are unable to work due to your injuries, posting about attending a wedding or birthday party will imply that you’re mobile, even if you don’t post any photos of the event. You certainly don’t want to mention or post photos of a vacation while you’re collecting disability benefits. Posting pictures of your children hiking implies that you were also there to take the picture.

Social Media Posts Are Admissible In Court

Social Media posts are considered admissible as written evidence in personal injury cases under California law. It’s important to know that not only are your posts admissible, but posts about you by family and friends could also be used against you. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask them to refrain from posting anything about you or uploading any pictures of you while your personal injury case is pending. Limiting posts to only friends will not protect you because defense attorneys can obtain information from œmutual friends or request disclosure without informing you. Your California personal injury attorney is working very hard to help you collect the largest amount of compensation possible for your injuries – don’t undermine your case by using social media irresponsibly.

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