If you’ve been injured in a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or any other type of accident, you are probably considering making a claim for compensation. You’ve heard that people can collect money when they’re injured, but you’re concerned that the process might be time consuming and stressful. It’s good to know that with the help of an experienced Turlock, Monterey, Modesto, and Merced California injury claim attorney, you can collect the money you’re entitled with little time and effort on your end.

Initiating Your Injury Claim In California
The first step is to meet with your California injury claim attorney, either at his office or virtually. If your case has merit, your attorney will ask you to sign papers retaining him as counsel and giving him the legal right to represent you. He will send a letter to the persons and/or companies that injured you, advising that you are being represented and requesting that they preserve all evidence related to your accident. An investigation will be initiated to collect evidence to support your claim while you continue to receive treatment for your injuries.

Negotiations and Settlement

When you have received the maximum benefit from your treatment, your attorney will request medical reports from all of your doctors and therapists. Your medical records, evidence of lost earnings, and other relevant materials will be sent to the insurance company with a demand letter. Negotiations will commence between your attorney and insurance company with a view towards reaching an agreement that could avoid the expenses of litigation. If the insurance company is unwilling to make a reasonable offer to settle your case, your attorney will start a lawsuit. Negotiations will continue during the lawsuit, and most cases are settled at some time prior to trial. Hiring an experienced Turlock, Monterey, Modesto or Merced, California injury claim attorney will ensure that you receive the highest amount of compensation possible for your injuries.

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