Prior to becoming a personal injury attorney, I worked as a deputy district attorney. My job was to prosecute individuals accused of crimes. Most of the time, the people I prosecuted on behalf of the State of California were represented by capable defense attorneys. On rare occasions, a defendant would choose to represent him/herself. They would forfeit their right to be represented by counsel. The right to have someone on their team to ensure that their rights were fully protected. The judge would implore these defendants’ to reconsider their choice to go at it alone. After all, the defendant is oftentimes not trained in the law or how to protect their legal rights. The judge would tell them that if they were to lose, they cannot later say they want another trial with an attorney. Similar to the situation described above, you should not go at it alone if you’ve been injured in an auto accident through no fault of your own.

You have been in an auto accident. It is not your fault and you’re injured. You can expect a call from the insurance company of the driver who hit you very soon. They will try to get a statement from you hoping you will say something they can later use against you. Of course, they will be recording the conversation.

At some point they might even offer you a couple hundred dollars, maybe even a couple of thousand. They will hound you to sign the release before they will cut you a check. If you ask them whether you should get an attorney they will try to convince you that it is not necessary and an attorney will take all of your money.

Just take a moment to think about what has happened…Really think about it. First, they represent the person who hit you, NOT YOU! They work for the insurance company of the person who hit you, NOT YOU!

Consider the great NFL Quarterback Tom Brady. He did not become a great quarterback by taking advice and counsel from the linebackers on the opposing team on the field. He had his team to support him in winning.

Insurance companies care about paying out as little as possible to you, not what’s fair. They won’t tell you attorneys help their clients recover on average 3.5 times the amount they will offer to an unrepresented injured person. They will not ensure that you have adequate funds to cover past, present, and future medical treatment or damaged property.

Unfortunately, these tactics work for insurance companies, and injured persons who were not at fault are stuck with the medical bills, co-pays, loss of earnings due to missing work, lingering pain from the injuries sustained, etc.

Don’t sign anything unless you know exactly the consequences that your signature will lead to in the future. Even the playing field. Call a personal injury attorney to join your team.

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