If you’ve been injured by a negligent, reckless, or intentional act in California, you’re entitled to be compensated by the responsible parties. Compensatory (economic) damages are reimbursement for medical costs, lost earnings, future lost earnings, and other finite and calculable sums. Compensatory (non-economic) damages for pain and suffering are subjective, and are the main component of most large personal injury settlements and jury verdicts. In order to collect the highest possible amount for pain and suffering, it’s important to hire a California personal injury attorney that knows how to help you the most money possible for your claim.

Types of Compensatory (Non-Economic) Damages

There are many types of non-economic damages that can be claimed, but they must be justified by the facts and circumstances of the case. For example, physical pain would be a major component for a car accident that caused a fractured leg, whereas humiliation would be a major component for somebody that’s suffered a disfiguring facial scar from a fall. These are some examples of non-compensatory damages:

  • Severe and prolonged pain;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Impairment to quality of life;
  • Embarrassment;
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Loss of relationships.

The above example illustrates how any type of impact to your lifestyle can substantiate a claim for compensatory (non-economic) damages. For example, if a back injury prevents you from enjoying your hobby of dancing or a hand injury prevents you from cooking, you could be entitled to a large amount of compensation for your loss of enjoyment of life.

Proving Compensatory (Non-Economic) Damages

It’s important to remember that even though these claims are subjective, they must still be supported with evidence. For example, a claim for severe and prolonged pain is supported by medical reports that detail the treatment that was needed and how painful the treatment was. Pain management, mental health, and rehabilitation experts are often retained to prove the monetary worth of non-economic damages. The impact on a persons life can also be supported by testimony from friends and relatives that contrast the life of the victim before and after the accident.

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