Construction work is one of the most dangerous of all professions. Not only are there frequent accidents, but the injuries sustained are often severe or catastrophic. Construction accident litigation is complicated because it can involve multiple defendants and causes of action. That’s why it’s important to hire a construction accident attorney in California with a great deal of experience with this type of case.

What Causes Construction Accidents?

Even when construction companies take all the proper precautions to protect workers, accidents still occur due to the inherently dangerous nature of the work. Here are some examples are common types of construction accidents:

  • Electrocutions: Frayed wires, faulty connections, inclement weather and other factors cause workers to suffer severe burns that can require weeks, months or even years of medical treatment. Electrocution can also cause neurological damage and other injuries.
  • Falls From Heights: Some of the most severe injuries are caused by falls from ladders, roofs and scaffolding, accounting for close to a quarter of construction accident injuries. Falls from heights can cause spinal cord injuries with paralysis and traumatic brain injuries with loss of cognition.
  • Injuries From Falling Objects: When equipment is improperly secured or workers are negligent, workers below can be injured when objects that fall onto their bodies. The impact from an object can increase exponentially as it falls, causing severe traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries even to workers wearing a hard hat.
  • Explosions and Fires: The use of solvents and other flammable construction materials can result in explosions and fires that cause third or fourth degree burns that can require skin grafting and other extensive surgeries for months or years.
  • Malfunctioning Equipment: Many construction accident injuries are caused by faulty forklifts, dumpsters, cranes, nail guns and other power tools. Accidents are also caused by improper training in the use of equipment.
  • Building and Trench Collapse Accidents: Many catastrophic or fatal injuries are caused by sudden collapses of buildings that are under construction or being prepared for demolition. Trenches that are built by workers to begin the construction process sometimes cave in, causing serious injuries.

Construction Accidents Are Complicated

Due to the severe, catastrophic or fatal nature of many construction accidents, it’s necessary for construction accident attorneys in California to identify every possible defendant in order to collect the large amounts of money needed to fully compensate victims. For example, a forklift accident could have many responsible parties such as:

  • The driver of the forklift, who may or may not be employed by the same company as the injured worker;
  • The manufacturer of the forklift that could be responsible for a defective design or manufacturing process;
  • The mechanic that last inspected or repaired the forklift or
  • A company that provided training for the forklift driver.

In order to successfully investigate and prosecute the responsible parties, a construction accident injury attorney in California must have a great deal of experience with this type of case.


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