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What Is A Laceration Injury?

A laceration, or a cut, is a wound that results in skin splitting or separating. A laceration can be caused by a variety of things, often a sharp object or by impact with a blunt object.

Laceration injuries can vary from moderate to severe, and in some cases can lead to amputation. In other cases, laceration injuries can lead to disfiguring scars and painful medical procedures. In some instances, a laceration can cause nerve damage that leads to permanent disabilities. The deeper the laceration, the more serious the potential consequences become, especially if there has been damage to the bone or muscle.

It is not common for lacerations to cause infection, however when a laceration is severe it may penetrate through the skin and deep into the underlying muscle, bone, or internal organs. When this happens, significant bleeding and severe pain are common.

In order to decrease the severity of potential scar formation, it is important to seek immediate and appropriate treatment. The following steps are helpful in mitigating the risk of infection and further damage due to laceration injuries:

  • Use sterile gauze to put continual pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding
  • Determine the depth of the laceration and the severity of the injury
  • If you determine the injury is serious, seek the assistance of a medical professional to close and treat the injured area.

When a laceration is too deep to close on its own, medical assistance is required. If the closure of the laceration is delayed, there is an increased risk of infection.

Causes Of Laceration And Cut Wounds

There are countless ways the skin can break. Traumatic injuries will almost always result in some sort of laceration or cut. Common accidents that can lead to laceration injuries and long-term consequences include:

  • Automobile, Motorcycle, Truck or Bus Accident
  • Slipping and Tripping on poorly maintained or wet surfaces
  • Bicycle or Pedestrian Accidents
  • Dog or Animal Bites
  • Falling from a roof or ladder,
  • Assault
  • Construction or Work Site Accidents

Potential Complications And Long-term Consequences

If lacerations are not given the necessary initial care and subsequent maintenance, they can be fatal. This can be through loss of blood or infection. Scarring can occur and can be debilitating. Additional potential outcomes that cause long-term suffering include:

  • Infection which causes fever, redness, pus and inflammation
  • Scarring
  • Continued pain
  • Weakness or death from blood loss or infection

How An Attorney Can Help

As soon as possible after an accident, contact an attorney who can help investigate, collect and preserve evidence from the accident. An attorney can then take steps to protect your right to a full recovery, including compensation for scarring, lacerations, disfigurement, and psychological trauma caused by the injury.

An attorney can best help you get the compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. They will negotiate with insurance companies, can arrange medical treatment, and ensure you obtain the award you deserve.

If you have suffered a laceration that has impacted your life, reach out to Silva Injury Law today.

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