According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA,) distracted driving is a factor in close to ten percent of fatal accidents in the United States. Many of those crashes are caused by drivers using cell phones to speak, text or play online games. Victims often suffer from severe or catastrophic injuries and face large medical costs and earnings losses. That’s why it’s important to call an experienced California cell phone car accident injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident to begin the process of collecting the compensation you’re entitled to.

Distracted Driving Is A Leading Cause Of Fatal Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA,) close to ten percent of fatal crashes in the United States each year are caused by distracted drivers. There are many different types of distractions that can lead to accidents such as:

  • Electronic Devices;
  • Pets;
  • Children;
  • Using a GPS;
  • Eating and Drinking;
  • Grooming;
  • Adjusting climate control;
  • Talking to Passengers and
  • Rubbernecking

The number one cause of fatal accidents due to distracted driving is using a cell phone. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that cell phone use while driving causes over a million and a half accidents each year and that one in four crashes is caused by texting while driving.

Using A Cell Phone While Driving Is More Dangerous Than You Think

It’s obvious that taking your eyes off the road to text or play a video game while driving might cause an accident, but cell phone use can be extremely dangerous even when handsfree. The United States Department of Transportation reports that talking on cellphones can impede driver’s reaction time equivalent to the impairment from a blood alcohol reading that would determine intoxication. That’s also why accidents caused by using cell phones are more likely to cause severe, catastrophic or fatal injuries.

California Laws For Using Cell Phones While Driving

The state of California has been extremely proactive about protecting people from the hazards of using cell phones while driving. The laws are strict and subject to heavy fines that increase with subsequent infractions. Repeat offenders that cause injuries can find themselves without a driver’s license or even in jail. These are the most important laws:

  • California bans composing, sending or reading text messages while driving, even if stopped at a light or still in traffic.
  • California bans using handheld phones while driving, but does allow the use of speakerphones for drivers over age eighteen.
  • Drivers under the age of eighteen may not use a cell phone while driving, even a handsfree speakerphone, unless it is an emergency call.

It’s not always easy to prove that a person was using a cellphone while driving. That’s why it’s important for people that are injured by these negligent drivers to hire a California cell phone car accident injury attorney that knows exactly how to handle these cases.

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