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Many Americans turn to nursing homes and assisted living centers when they need help caring for their elderly loved ones in the late stages of their life. When you trust a nursing home with your loved one’s care, you expect them to satisfy your loved one’s basic needs and treat them with respect. Despite these reasonable expectations, thousands of nursing home residents experience abuse and neglect every year. 

If your loved one has suffered neglect or abuse at the hands of a nursing home or its employees or representatives, they may qualify to bring a legal claim for those injuries. Our team of nursing home abuse lawyers at Silva Injury Law can answer your questions about a nursing home abuse claim, discuss the specifics of your case, and help you pursue a legal claim. Contact us today.

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What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

Federal law grants nursing home residents rights, like the right to a dignified existence, the right to participate in social activities, the right to be free from abuse and neglect, and the right to privacy during treatments. The failure to observe any of a resident’s rights can constitute abuse. State law also provides nursing home residents with protections and legal remedies, including the right to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for injuries caused by another person. 

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

The employees and representatives of a nursing home can violate these rights in several different ways. The vulnerability of senior citizens makes nursing home abuse easier to perpetrate.

Because they are more vulnerable, things that may not be considered abuse or neglect for a typical adult can constitute abuse or neglect against a senior citizen. Common types of nursing home abuse are detailed further below.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse typically produces more apparent signs of abuse than emotional abuse. Signs of physical abuse may include bruises, cuts, broken bones, or other types of physical injuries. However, some types of physical abuse are hard to spot. Examples of nursing home physical abuse include:

  • Strikes,
  • Kicks,
  • Pulling,
  • Pushing, and
  • Grabbing.

If your loved one resides in a nursing home and is suffering from physical abuse, contact one of our nursing home abuse attorneys at Silva Injury Law as soon as possible.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional or psychological abuse is often less obvious than physical abuse. Instead of inflicting physical harm, emotional abuse inflicts harm by causing fear, sadness, hopelessness, stress, or embarrassment. Emotional abuse in a nursing home can include:

  • Blackmailing a resident,
  • Yelling or shouting at a resident,
  • Ignoring a resident,
  • Isolating a resident,
  • Intimidating or threatening a resident,
  • Insulting a resident, and
  • Preventing a resident from participating in social activities.

Despite the subtlety of emotional abuse, the damage can affect nursing home residents just as much as physical abuse.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse occurs when someone uses their position or threats to exploit someone financially. Unfortunately, senior citizens are very popular targets for financial abuse schemes. Examples of financial abuse include:

  • Using a resident’s credit card without authorization,
  • Forging a resident’s signature, and
  • Stealing money from a resident.

Financial abuse can lead to devastating consequences down the road when your loved one realizes they are out of funds. You should monitor your loved one’s financials to ensure they are not a victim of financial abuse. Contact an attorney immediately if you notice unusual transactions or other warning signs of financial abuse such as sudden unexplained changes in your loved one’s estate plan. 

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect occurs when the nursing home staff fails to meet a patient’s needs. Neglect is often less obvious than nursing home abuse but can result in devastating consequences if it is not stopped. Common signs of nursing home neglect include:

  • Lack of adequate supervision,
  • Unsanitary rooms or common areas,
  • Lack of proper hygiene for residents,
  • Dangerous conditions on the premises,
  • Improper use of restraints,
  • Negligent hiring practices, and
  • Failure to provide adequate medical care.

Nursing home neglect typically begins with relatively minor oversights but can spiral out of control if left unchecked. If you have concerns about the quality of care in your loved one’s nursing home facility, you can raise those concerns with staff members. This may help you build a relationship with staff members and remedy minor issues before they turn into major issues. If you believe your loved one’s life or well-being is at risk, contact 911. The Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman is responsible for elder abuse investigations in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, day programs, and other care institutions. You can contact the California Ombudsman office in your county to report suspected abuse or neglect. 

If you think your loved one is facing neglect in a nursing home, contact Silva Injury Law right away so that one of our skilled nursing home abuse attorneys can help you get justice for your loved one.   

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

In many cases, the signs of nursing home neglect are not easy to spot. However, there are some things you can look out for, such as:

  • Depression,
  • Bedsores,
  • Severe mood swings,
  • Drastic weight loss,
  • Frequent and unexplained injuries,
  • Dehydration,
  • Abnormal amounts of confusion,
  • Defensiveness or fear towards staff members,
  • Lack of hygiene,
  • Lack of cleanliness in common areas, and
  • Soiled bed sheets or clothing.

Any of these things can mean neglect is occurring. Make sure you consult with a lawyer right away if you think a loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect.

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