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The Search for Justice for Your Slip and Fall Injury Begins with an Experienced Merced Slip and Fall Attorney

Who pays for your injuries after you slip and fall in a parking lot, multi-family dwelling, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, convenience store, department store, or pharmacy? The business should, of course. However, almost all the places you visit will deny your claim and try to either blame you for your injuries or use another defense to avoid paying you a fair settlement for your claim.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries after falling or slipping in Merced, then you need an experienced advocate to help you maximize your injury claim. You stand to gain the most by having a compassionate Merced slip and fall attorney represent you and your family. Your Merced slip and fall attorney should know how to solve problems and help you through the healing process.

Compassionate Merced Slip and Fall Lawyers Are a Phone Call Away

We treat our clients like we treat our family members. By taking a holistic approach to representing injury victims, we help our clients return to their lives or adjust to their new lives by holding all parties accountable.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your Merced slip and fall claim, auto vehicle accident, wrongful death claim, dog attack, or any other injury claim, call us today at 209-308-8314 for a free consultation.

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Why Is a Slip and Fall Injury so Dangerous?

Slipping and falling can be embarrassing, especially when you slip and fall in a store full of people. You probably tried to jump up immediately and brush yourself off. You might have even said you were not injured to the people who asked.

There can be no denying that falls present a danger to everyone’s health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 39,433 people died in unintentional falling incidents in 2019. By contrast, 37,595 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2019, according to the CDC’s most recent statistics.

Slip and fall injuries are dangerous because they occur without warning. Also, anyone who loses their balance will try, sometimes in vain, to regain their stability by flailing their arms. When people crash to the floor, folks tend to shoot their arms out in front of them rigidly to stop the fall or prevent them from hitting their heads. Sometimes, this results in even more injuries.

Injuries Following Merced Slip and Fall Accidents

These forceful and awkward falls lead to severe physical injuries. Slip and fall injuries in Merced often include:

  • Head injuries;
  • Broken or fractured arms;
  • Broken or fractured legs;
  • Broken or fractured hands and fingers;
  • Injured knees and ankles;
  • Soft tissue injuries such as muscle pulls, strains, and tears;
  • Back and neck injuries like herniated discs and broken vertebrae;
  • Lacerations;
  • Internal injuries such as bruising or internal bleeding;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Dislocated joints;
  • Head injuries leading to traumatic brain injuries, including concussions; and
  • Death.

Any of these injuries could lead to lengthy hospital stays, rehabilitation, surgery, physical therapy, and other medical treatment to help you recover. Your injuries may be long-lasting or even permanent. Your slip and fall injuries could leave you in severe pain and unable to work. Having a steadfast advocate by your side every step of the way could ease your mind as you struggle to recover from your slip and fall.

Why Did You Fall?

A slip and fall incident could occur anywhere and at any time. Although older people generally have a higher risk of falling than younger people, any person of any age could fall and sustain an injury. Many slip and fall incidents occur because of a defect in a floor’s surface, a tripping hazard, or a foreign substance covering the floor.

At Silva Injury Law, Inc. our Merced slip and fall lawyers represent numerous individuals who suffered injuries after falling because of:

  • Rainwater pooling on a slippery surface like linoleum;
  • Beverages or food dropped on the floor at a supermarket;
  • Torn carpet that created a tripping hazard;
  • Absence of slip guard at the entrance to store or hotel;
  • Inadequate lighting;
  • Electric chords or other equipment; or
  • Deficient or non-existent railings on staircases.

These are a few examples of the cases our Merced slip and fall injury attorneys handled. You should contact our firm to learn how we could best serve you if your fall occurred because of another’s negligence, even if your case might not be identical to one of the scenarios listed above.

How a Merced Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help You Recover from Your Injuries

Contacting our Merced slip and fall attorneys right away will help you make the strongest claim possible. An experienced and dedicated Merced slip and fall lawyer will get to work immediately to find solutions to the problems you face after suffering a slip and fall injury.

At Silva Injury Law, Inc. we will get to work right away building a case against all parties responsible for your injuries. We will gather evidence by:

  • Taking pictures;
  • Preserving surveillance video;
  • Interviewing witnesses;
  • Reviewing your medical records; and
  • Researching all parties who have a legal liability to pay for your losses.

We will not stop there. We will actively participate in your physical, emotional, and economic recovery. We remain steadfast in our mission to help you overcome the burden you must shoulder due to another’s failure to ensure your safety.

Damage Awards for Your Merced Slip and Fall Claim

Each case is as unique as the people involved. Therefore, predicting how much money you can recover for your slip and fall case depends on numerous factors. You could receive compensation for losses such as:

  • Medical bills,
  • Future medical expenses,
  • Lost salary or wages,
  • Lost future financial gains,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Mental anguish.

Your spouse or dependent child could file a claim for lost companionship and other non-economic damages as well.

We explore every avenue of recovery so that you can return to the life you led before you fell. We advocate for you so that you will not have to experience financial hardship after your fall. We want you to be sure that we will be with you every step of the way.

The Time to File a Claim Is Short

At Silva Injury Law, Inc. our Merced slip and fall attorneys vow to fight for your rights. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can get to work. Some people might want to focus on their physical recovery before talking to a lawyer. We respect your decision and will support you no matter what. However, California law strictly limits the amount of time you have to file a claim to two years. Thus, waiting too long to file a lawsuit could hurt your ability to make a full recovery.

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Promoting Healing Through Compassionate Advocacy

We believe that our duty goes beyond achieving large monetary awards for our clients. We strive first to be decent human beings who seek not to stir up fights, but to solve problems.

As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be enough business.

- Abraham Lincoln