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Hollister Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Most people love bicycling because it provides a great way to exercise and an economical means of transportation. However, bicyclists risk the danger of being involved in an accident and often suffer the most severe injuries when these accidents occur. No matter how careful you are as a bicyclist, your safety depends on other road users. Inevitably, bicycle accidents happen. Hollister bicycle accident lawyers understand the complexity of bicycle accidents and what is needed to succeed in your case.

What Are Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents?

Understanding common causes of bicycle accidents may help you pay closer attention when these issues arise.

Dangerous or Hazardous Road Conditions

Poor road conditions, such as a sudden change in the road surface, make it easy for bicyclists to lose control of their bicycles. Old roads are subject to wear and tear, resulting in damage like potholes and rutting. Most roads are controlled by local, state, or federal governments. These agencies must regularly maintain these roadways. A failure to do so could result in the liability of these agencies for your injuries.

Distracted Driving

Drivers distracted by their phones, radios, eating, or other car passengers often cause bicycle accidents. Although drivers are encouraged to stay focused on the road, they do not always follow this good advice. Even a split second of looking away from the road can have catastrophic consequences.

Bicycle Lane of Travel

One accident caused by a bicycle’s typical lane of travel is called “dooring,” which occurs when drivers parked on the street or close to a bicycle lane carelessly exit their car. As they fling their car door, bicyclists often cannot avoid a dangerous collision. Another type of accident occurs when motorists fail to provide enough room for bicyclists. California law requires motorists to maintain a safe distance between themselves and bicycles. As they attempt to drive past a bicyclist, they may sideswipe the bicyclist and cause an accident. Bicyclists may also be rear-ended by drivers impatiently following them too closely.

Bicycle Defects

Defective bicycles also cause bicycle accidents and injuries. When a bike malfunctions due to a faulty part or a mechanical defect, these issues may make an accident unavoidable. These are usually unexpected and may occur at high speeds creating a risk for severe injury.

What Are Common Bicycle Accident Injuries?

Bicycle accidents often cause more severe injuries than other types of car accidents. Usually, the only protection bicyclists have in a collision comes from their helmets. Despite helmet laws in California, head injuries still account for most injuries bike riders suffer. Other common injuries resulting from bicycle accidents include the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries,
  • Paralysis,
  • Broken bones,
  • Amputation,
  • Permanent nerve damage.

It’s vital to take the appropriate steps following a bicycle accident. This includes calling Hollister bicycle accident lawyers so you can begin the process of building your claim to recover compensation against the responsible party.

What Is An Average Settlement For Bicycle Accidents In California?

Proving negligence is a vital element to the success of your claim. Your attorney analyzes the facts of your case and works to establish the liable party’s negligence. The facts of your case also provide insight into the value of your case. Although there is no average settlement for all bicycle accidents, various factors support what your case may be worth. These factors include:

  • The severity of injuries;
  • Costs for current and future medical treatment;
  • Loss of earnings;
  • The existence of permanent injuries, disabilities, or disfigurement;
  • Emotional distress.

Understanding a value for your claim aids in the negotiation process and may help drive more favorable settlement discussions.