Category: Healthcare Insurance

Why Do I Have To Pay Back My Health Insurance Company If I Win Or Settle My Personal Injury Case?

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 29 August, 2020

Personal injury cases take time to resolve, so health insurance is often needed to obtain immediate medical treatment for injuries caused by somebody else’s negligence. In such cases, California law allows health insurance companies to collect back what they’ve paid out from the responsible party (subrogation) and requires claimants to cooperate with these efforts. When […]

Healthcare Subrogation! A Major Reason to Never Settle Your Personal Injury Case Without an Attorney…

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 18 June, 2019

You have settled your personal injury case on your own quickly after the accident. You are happy because you did it alone without an attorney and you think the settlement is all yours. Life is good, right? All of a sudden, you are getting letters and/or calls from your own healthcare insurance stating that they […]

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