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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Arbitration

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 21 January, 2021

When a person is injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, the injured party may make a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance for their damages. What often occurs, however, is that the negligent driver’s insurance policy limit is insufficient to cover the damages, or the negligent driver has no […]

CNN Reveals Insurance Company Injury Claim Tactics

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 04 December, 2020

State Farm Insurance claims to be “like a good neighbor” and Allstate wants you to believe that you’re “in good hands” when you buy their insurance. The reality is that insurance companies like to collect premiums, but they don’t want to pay out claims. A CNN special investigation reveals the tactics that State Farm, Allstate […]

Be Careful When Speaking To An Insurance Claims Adjuster After An Injury

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 27 November, 2020

Successful people like to be proactive, taking care of things right away instead of putting them off. This attitude can pay off big in many areas, but if you’re injured in a car accident in California, it will most likely do you more harm than good. It’s important not to get sucked in by a […]

How a Gap in Treatment Can Adversely Affect Your Personal Injury Case

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 04 November, 2020

If you’re injured in an accident, you have a right to sue the responsible parties for monetary damages. The amount of money you collect will depend greatly on the evidence you present to substantiate your claim. Your pain may be excruciating, but without medical reports to back you up, your California personal injury attorney won’t […]

Covid-19 And My Car Insurance Injury Claim

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 17 July, 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed so many things about how we work, learn, shop, and get medical treatment. You might be wondering how car insurance injury claims are being handled during this crisis. It’s good to know that most insurance companies are functioning well, even though many people are working from home. It’s important to […]

Automobile Insurance Policy must-Haves to ensure you’re fully covered.

By Silva Injury Law, Inc. 10 July, 2020

California mandates that vehicle owners have an auto liability insurance policy in effect that covers the other party’s medical costs, lost earnings, and property damage. The minimum amount of insurance required is: $15,000 for each person harmed; $30,000 all persons harmed; $5,000 for property damage. This is all you need to legally register and drive […]

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