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California Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

No one expects to suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI). However, according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC), the United States sees approximately 17,730 new spinal cord injury cases every year. Not to mention, the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention reports that spinal cord injuries cost the U.S. about $9.7 billion each year. About 78% of people who suffer new spinal cord injuries are male, and the average age at injury is 43. A spinal cord injury can affect your strength, mobility, and other bodily functions. In some cases, spinal cord injuries occur due to an accident caused by another person’s negligence. If another person’s negligence caused your spinal cord injury, they might be liable for damages you suffered. Contact Silva Injury Law, Inc. today so we can determine if you qualify to bring a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your spinal cord injury.

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What Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury happens when any part of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of the spinal canal sustain damage. Depending on the severity of the SCI, you may lose function or mobility in certain body parts. 

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

A complete SCI produces a loss of all motor and sensory functions below the level of injury. About half of SCIs are complete. If you suffer an incomplete SCI, you keep some function below the primary level of the injury. For example, you may be able to move one arm or leg more than the other. The American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) assigns a grade to describe the severity of spinal cord injuries. The grades are detailed below.


An ASIA A spinal cord injury is a complete spinal cord injury with no sensory or motor function remaining. This is the most severe level of spinal cord injury.


An ASIA B spinal cord injury is an incomplete injury with complete loss of motor function. This means you cannot move your body, but you retain some sensory functions.


An ASIA C spinal cord injury is an incomplete injury where you retain some motor function. That means you can still move some of your body parts, while you cannot move others.


An ASIA D spinal cord injury is an incomplete injury where you retain movement in more than half of your muscle groups.

Treatments for Spinal Cord Injuries

Currently, there are not many treatment options for spinal cord injuries. While researchers are constantly working to develop treatments for spinal cord damage, there are presently no known ways to reverse such damage. In most cases, spinal cord injury treatment focuses on preventing further injury, physical and occupational therapy, and encouraging people with SCI to return to daily life as best they can. Common activities recommended for someone with SCI include:

  • Physical therapy geared toward communication, mobility, and muscle strengthening;
  • Use of a wheelchair or other assistive device;
  • Use of communication devices;
  • Occupational therapy geared toward fine motor skills;
  • Coping strategies to deal with pain;
  • Recreational therapy; and
  • Functional electrical stimulation to restore neuromuscular function, sensory function, or autonomic function.

The treatment options for a spinal cord injury are typically expensive and exhausting. If another person caused your spinal cord injury, you might be eligible to recover compensation to help you pay for your treatment and rehabilitation costs.   

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can occur when there is a sudden, traumatic impact to the vertebrae, spinal column, or spinal cord. According to data compiled by the NSCISC, vehicle crashes are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries, accounting for about 39% of spinal cord injuries between 2015 and 2019. Other common causes of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Falls,
  • Gunshot wounds,
  • Sporting activities,
  • Medical issues, and
  • Other types of violent impacts or trauma.

Unfortunately, in many cases, a spinal cord injury is permanent. If you suffered a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s negligent conduct, contact our California spinal cord injury attorneys at Silva Injury Law, Inc. to discuss your case and learn more about your legal options.  

Potential Damages After a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury victims may recover economic and noneconomic damages resulting from the accident that caused their injury. You might be eligible to receive compensation whether your injury was caused by a car accident, a bullet wound, or another type of trauma. Damages owed to a plaintiff in a personal injury claim are referred to as compensatory damages because they are intended to compensate you for losses caused by the accident. Damages you might be able to recover after a spinal cord injury include:

  • Medical costs,
  • Cost of future medical treatment,
  • Emotional distress,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Disfigurement,
  • Physical impairment,
  • Lost wages,
  • Loss of future earning capacity, and
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life.

California does not cap the amount of compensatory damages a personal injury victim can receive. In certain circumstances, a victim may also recover punitive damages from the responsible party. However, punitive damages are not commonly awarded in personal injury claims.

A California spinal cord injury attorney with Silva Injury Law, Inc. can explain what types of damages you might be eligible to collect based on the facts of your case. 

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How Can Our California Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Help You?

Our team of California spinal cord injury lawyers has handled a variety of different types of cases involving spinal cord injuries. If you hire one of our attorneys, we can assist you by:

  • Preparing your spinal cord injury case as if you will proceed to trial,
  • Collecting evidence about the cause of your injury,
  • Negotiating with opposing counsel and insurance companies on your behalf,
  • Obtaining the accident report if you sustained the injury in a collision, and
  • Gathering information about the damages you incurred due to your injury.

We know the financial and emotional costs of suffering a spinal cord injury can impose significant stress on you and your loved ones. Our team can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers also handle clients with other types of injury cases, including:

If you or a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury, contact our California spinal cord injury attorneys at Silva Injury Law, Inc. today to schedule a free consultation.