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Many elderly adults in the United States suffer from immobility issues that impede their regular movement. When someone is immobile, they may spend prolonged periods sitting in a wheelchair or lying in bed. If someone remains in the same position too long, they can develop bedsores from the constant pressure against their skin. In fact, a pressure sore can develop in as little as two hours if someone is positioned incorrectly. Bedsores can lead to thousands of dollars in health care expenses, not to mention the risk of infection and other complications. While pressure sores may seem like a minor issue, a 2022 study found that bedsores were significantly underreported, with nursing homes reporting only 59.7% of hospitalized pressure ulcers among long-stay residents.

If you or a loved one received negligent medical care and developed a bedsore, contact Silva Injury Law today. One of our California bedsore attorneys can review your case and help determine if you qualify to bring a claim.

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What Are Bedsores? 

Bedsores, also known as pressure sores, are injuries to the outer layer of skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on a particular location of the body. Bedsores often develop on bony areas of a person’s body, like elbows, heels, ankles, tailbones, and hips. Common warning signs of developing a bedsore include:

  • Swelling,
  • Pus-like discharge,
  • An area of the skin that feels warmer or cooler to the touch than other areas,
  • Tender areas of skin, or
  • Unusual changes in skin color or texture.

In most cases, you can prevent bedsores with proper care and attentiveness. If you or a loved one developed bedsores due to negligent medical care, contact Silva Injury Law today. 

How Do Bedsores Form? 

Bedsores develop when a person cannot change positions or spends the majority of their time in a bed or chair. Many people in nursing homes spend prolonged periods of time in wheelchairs or in their beds. If a person in a wheelchair is not positioned correctly or remains in the chair too long, they can develop a pressure sore. Alternatively, someone who is bedridden must be turned regularly and provided the necessary skincare to prevent bedsores. A physician can diagnose a bedsore by simply looking at the skin.

Stages of Bedsores

Bedsores are divided into four stages that range from least severe to most severe. 

Stage One

During stage one, the damaged area feels warm to the touch and appears red. On darker skin, the skin may display a blue or purple tint. The area may burn, hurt, or itch.

Stage Two

A stage two bedsore looks more like a scrape or blister and may have an open wound. A stage two bedsore causes significant pain and discoloration of the skin. This stage may involve some pus-like discharge.

Stage Three

At this stage, the bedsore craters inwards due to the damage to the tissue under the skin. The wound is open and extends to the fatty layer of the skin.

Stage Four

Stage four is the most severe level of bedsore. The area will be severely damaged, and a large wound will be present. A stage four bedsore can impact muscles, tendons, bones, and joints. Infection is an extreme risk with a stage four pressure sore.

Why Do Bedsores Form?

In many cases, people suffer bedsores as a result of neglectful behavior by medical personnel. Nursing home neglect can occur in multiple ways. For example, nursing home employees may fail to turn a bedridden resident or may leave a resident in their wheelchair for too long. Other examples of nursing home neglect include: 

  • Failing to provide proper supervision,
  • Leaving open and obvious dangers on the premises,
  • Disregarding a resident’s basic needs,
  • Emotionally neglecting a resident,
  • Unsanitary rooms or common areas,
  • Failure to keep up with a patient’s personal hygiene,
  • Improper use of restraints,
  • Failure to administer medication, 
  • Isolating a resident,
  • Negligent hiring practices, or
  • Lack of proper medical care.

In many cases, the signs of nursing home neglect are hidden and difficult to detect. However, there are some things you can watch for, such as:

  • Bedsores,
  • Frequent and unexplained injuries,
  • Defensiveness or fear towards staff members,
  • Lack of hygiene,
  • Severe mood swings,
  • Drastic weight loss,
  • Abnormal amounts of confusion, or
  • Soiled bed sheets or clothing.

Any of these warning signs can mean neglect is taking place. Make sure you consult with our California bedsore attorneys at Silva Injury Law right away if you think nursing home neglect caused your loved one’s bedsores.

Can I Recover Damages for Bedsores?

If you or a loved one developed bedsores due to nursing home neglect, the nursing home might be liable for any damages you suffer. Damages available in a nursing home neglect case can include:

  • Medical bills,
  • Rehabilitation costs,
  • Physical therapy, and
  • Costs of medical equipment.

The California bedsore lawyers at Silva Injury Law can help you demonstrate the amount of financial compensation you deserve for the neglect that you or your loved one suffered. 

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