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We visit amusement parks to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, many visitors don’t realize the underlying risks associated with many amusement park rides. In an instant, a day of excitement can turn unimaginably tragic. When the unthinkable happens, and you suffer injuries at an amusement park, it’s important to remember you might have a right to compensation. Contact California amusement park accident lawyers at Silva Injury Law when an amusement park has failed to protect the safety of you or your loved ones.

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Common Causes of Theme Park Accidents

California is home to several well-known theme parks that millions of people visit yearly. Unfortunately, with such a high number of visitors, injuries are bound to occur. In 2020 alone, there were an estimated 21,319 injuries caused by amusement attractions. The most common causes of theme park accidents include:

  • Improper ride design. Design flaws not corrected during the design phase can lead to injury when a ride is in operation.
  • Construction flaws. Mistakes made during the construction of a ride can cause injuries. 
  • Mechanical failures. Conveyor belt failures, lap bar security issues, pieces of a ride becoming detached, and other component failures can lead to severe accidents when a ride is in operation. 
  • Operational failures. Brake failures, employees permitting ride weight limits to be surpassed, or other similar issues can lead to rides malfunctioning in ways that can cause injury. 
  • Employee negligence. Employees failing to adequately perform safety checks before commencing a ride can cause accidents. 
  • User negligence. Riders failing to follow safety instructions can lead to injuries. 
  • Known or unknown health issues. A rider might suffer injuries because they disregard a health warning listed at the start of a ride or because they do not know they have a health condition that puts them at risk of injury when using the ride.  

Amusement parks and their insurance companies understand that welcoming guests into a park comes with a certain amount of risk. However, when visitors are injured, parks and their insurance companies will often try to reduce or eliminate their liability for those injuries. California amusement park accident attorneys know how to counter the defenses and arguments amusement parks and insurance companies may raise to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve.

What Are Common Amusement Park Injuries? 

Accidents on amusement park rides can result in several serious injuries, including:

  • Head, back, and neck injuries. These injuries may occur on rides like bumper cars or on roller coasters that jerk passengers from side to side. 
  • Stroke. Strokes may occur from trauma to ligaments in the neck. 
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries may occur during fast rides or from accidents when detached objects hit a rider’s head.
  • Brain aneurysms. Brain aneurysms may rupture during the acceleration of roller coasters and other fast rides.  
  • Drowning. At water parks, drownings may occur in wave pools and other water attractions. When a water attraction is crowded, safety personnel and lifeguards may be unable to spot a victim in distress. 
  • Death. Unfortunately, amusement park patrons may suffer fatal injuries when they are thrown or fall from rides. 

While rides are usually the leading cause of severe injuries, other injuries like lacerations, torn ligaments, and broken bones may also occur when enjoying even simple activities at an amusement park. For example, a person may slip and fall on a spilled drink, feel dizzy after a ride and trip, or overheat due to weather conditions. 

Tips for Amusement Park Safety 

Amusement parks usually provide guidelines for guests to follow that help minimize the risk of injury. In most circumstances, following these rules can help you avoid common theme park accidents. When you visit an amusement park, review all the rules and regulations at the start of each ride. However, one of the most important rules is to trust your instinct. If you feel unsafe or concerned about your safety, you are free to get off of a ride or get out of line. Other rules and regulations include: 

  • Following all weight, height, age, and health restrictions posted at the start of each ride; 
  • Following special seating orders or loading instructions; 
  • Using the safety equipment provided;
  • Ensuring all riders keep their hands and feet inside the ride at all times; 
  • Prohibiting your child from getting on a ride if you believe it is not safe for them.

However, injuries happen even when patrons adhere to all safety rules and guidelines. When this occurs, you might have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. 

What Can I Recover? 

California law permits victims in personal injury cases to pursue compensatory damages in the form of economic and noneconomic damages. 

Economic damages represent the direct financial losses related to your injuries and include the following: 

  • Medical expenses, 
  • Lost wages, and
  • Loss of future earnings.

Your attorney uses receipts, pay stubs, invoices, and other tangible evidence to calculate your economic damages. 

Noneconomic damages include subjective losses resulting from your injuries. Losses recoverable as noneconomic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Emotional distress, 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, 
  • Loss of consortium,
  • Permanent injury or disability, and
  • Disfigurement.

Noneconomic losses are difficult to calculate because they vary from person to person. For example, how do you place a value on the fear you felt when you were ejected from an amusement park ride? Because these damages are subjective, it can be very challenging to recover noneconomic damages without the help of California amusement park accident attorneys. Noneconomic damages are important because they seek to compensate victims for the psychological and emotional harm caused by their injuries. Failing to collect all of the noneconomic damages you are eligible to receive may mean you won’t be fully compensated for your injury.  

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