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Automobile Insurance Policy must-Haves to ensure you’re fully covered.

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 10 July, 2020

California mandates that vehicle owners have an auto liability insurance policy in effect that covers the other party’s medical costs, lost earnings, and property damage. The minimum amount of insurance required is: $15,000 for each person harmed; $30,000 all persons harmed; $5,000 for property damage. This is all you need to legally register and drive […]

What To Expect When You File a Lawsuit in an Injury Case in California?

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 03 July, 2020

If you’ve been injured in an accident in California that was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person, you may be entitled to collect a substantial amount of compensation. How much you collect will depend how serious your injuries are, how much time you lost from work, and many other factors. You know […]

Can Family Members Sue For Wrongful Death In California?

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 26 June, 2020

                          Family members can recover damages when a close relative has died due to a wrongful act that results in death. You can bring a claim for wrongful death in California within two years of the injury that caused the death. Wrongful death […]

What to Expect When You Make an Injury Claim in California

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 19 June, 2020

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or any other type of accident, you are probably considering making a claim for compensation. You’ve heard that people can collect money when they’re injured, but you’re concerned that the process might be time consuming and stressful. It’s good to know that […]

Suing the Federal Government for Negligence

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 13 June, 2020

The doctrine of sovereign immunity, is a common law concept that began in the era of Kings. Intended to protect monarchs, it prohibits suing the government for their negligent and reckless actions. This hasn’t changed, but laws have been passed that will allow some lawsuits against the government. The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) was […]

California Product Liability

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 06 June, 2020

  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC,) more than 20,000 die each year due to dangerous and defective products. California law imposes strict liability on product designers, manufacturers and other responsible parties, holding them responsible for injuries caused by their products even if they were not negligent. These laws were passed to encourage […]

California Livestock Collision

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 31 May, 2020

The Federal Highway Safety Commission (FHSC,) estimates that there are over a million collisions a year caused by animals on the road. In rural California, accidents involving livestock cause a substantial amount of injuries and property damage. If you’ve been injured in a collision with cows, horses, sheep, pigs or other livestock, you may have […]

Were you in a car accident with a minor child who sustained injuries?

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 25 April, 2020

If you were in a car accident that involved a minor child, and you and the minor child sustained injuries, you both may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, which may include compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other resulting harms or losses from the accident. Often these cases are resolved […]

Were you injured in a car accident and partly at fault?

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 18 April, 2020

If you were in a car accident, sustained injuries, and were partly at fault in the accident, you may still have a right to recover compensation for your damages, which may include compensation for your injuries, property damages, and other losses resulting from the accident. Being partly at fault does not mean that you do […]

Did you suffer an injury directly or indirectly because of a government entity?

By Silva Injury Law, INC. 11 April, 2020

You have a right to sue a government entity to receive compensation for an injury you may have suffered directly or indirectly because of the conduct of an employee, agent, or the government entity. However, when suing a government entity, there may be additional steps to follow.   Generally, California law requires that each injured […]

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